Pangeon claws its way onto PC

So I was sitting reading the news last night, (videogame news obviously, none of this real-life nonsense here), and I spotted an interesting bit about a new roguelike. Whenever we’re given a new reason to kill ourselves off multiple times and really enjoy doing it I’m all over it like a rash. This being said my little ramble today is going to be about Pangeon which has just found its way to PC.



Pangeon, by Polish developer MrCiastku, is a tribute to the classic dungeon crawler. It’s being touted as combining the best elements from various well-loved games of the genre. As I’ve already mentioned Pangeon is also a roguelike which is focusing on the single-player experience.

The player will undertake an almost suicidal mission to explore the various dungeons in the game. You will have to eliminate a host of enemies across eight diverse, secret filled levels if you are to survive your journey. As with all good dungeon crawlers, it’s not all doom and gloom, though. Treasure lies in the depths and you will be able to equip yourself with various items and 10 types of weapons.

If you’re wondering where this title comes from, Pangeon is the name of a secretive organization who have hidden themselves away in the dungeon system. As with all good evil organizations they’re bent on destroying the world so you’d better hop to it and stop them. With this title being a roguelike I can absolutely guarantee that this will be easier said than done. Eight levels might not sound like much but when you don’t have lives and have to complete the lot in one go it’s a challenge worth its merits.

Pangeon is going for a retro-feel and this shows in both the graphics and musical score that’s been used in the game. Interestingly for a roguelike, this title is also in the first person. From my recollection, the vast majority of games in this genre go for a more isometric approach. This adds a different vibe to the play style which can only be a good thing.

If you’re in the mood for a bit of masochistic fun you can already find Pangeon on Steam. Console owners who are wanting to join the action will be getting their own copies at the end of this year. RPG fans, roguelike fans and those of you that love a good retro experience should all find something to love here. Very interesting, indeed.


All images courtesy of Games Press