Paper Beast makes its way to PC this Summer

We haven’t had a great deal of VR news in a while. This is exceedingly strange as there’s new stuff coming out for this medium all the time. One such game is Paper Beast, which will be appearing on your Oculus and Vive contraptions in the coming months.

Paper Beast has been created by the clever souls over at Pixel Reef. It’s a VR exploration game for Steam VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive and it’s due to be with us this summer. If you read this article and think, “I’d love that but I’m a PS4 owner,” fear not! It released for your PlayStation 4 head-box at the beginning of 2020 so you can go over to the PS Store and grab it at your leisure.

As you explore a virgin land you will quickly discover that interaction with the world’s creatures is at the heart of the game. To overcome Paper Beast’s challenges and puzzles you’ll have to form bonds with the wildlife around you. This title isn’t all about using your head, though, you’ll need as much compassion as intellect if you are to win out. By this, I mean that you’ll need to gain the trust of the local animals by saving them from predators and other natural dangers.

There are two ways for you to experience and enjoy Paper Beast. The first is the game’s exploration mode. This pretty much does what it says on the tin. Through exploration, you’ll meet and befriend native creatures and advance the story as you go. Should you be feeling a bit more experimental this title also features a sandbox mode. This is effectively a god mode in which you can shape the world as you see fit and that of course means shaping its eco-system as well. Not only can you sculpt landscapes and plot rivers but the weather system with be there for you to manipulate too. The choices you make with have their own effect on the flora and fauna.

I’m super excited that we can finally talk about the PC version of Paper Beast!” Said Eric Chahi, founder of Pixel Reef. “The initial reaction to the PlayStation 4 version by both fans and the critics was beyond what we could have imagined, so we really can’t wait to make the game available for VR players on PC. Besides, we had a really fun time going back into development and adding a bunch of cool new surprises to this version of Paper Beast.”

There are indeed cool new surprises in this version of the game. On top of upgraded visuals and continuous move support, the menagerie of plants and animals has also been expanded. This plus new items and the extended sandbox mode I mentioned earlier will make a neat little package for PC owning VR fans.

There’s nothing like a good explore. The ability to do it in VR just adds to the mystery and intrigue that always comes with games of this nature. If Paper Beast sounds like something that might be your thing you really haven’t got that much longer to wait.