Paradox Interactive Convention 2014 streams this Friday

Paradox Interactive does a lot of things right. They may hit a niche market with many of their releases, but they are consistently great games.

They are also all about sharing what they do with you. So Paradox Interactive is putting on the Paradox Interactive Convention 2014 for a live stream through their Twitch.TV channel on January 24 (this Friday). The stream starts at 5pm EST.

Paradox has invited some of YouTube’s most popular gamers to play and compete in War of the Vikings and Magicka: Wizard Wars, two of Paradox’s latest creations. The guest list includes Angry Joe, NorthernLion, Quill18, EatMyDiction1, GassyMexican, lolRenaynay, Force, Shibby2142, Machinima Realm, RageGaming and Generation Hollow. The competition features 4v4 team format, and promises to reveal some new gameplay that hasn’t been shown off yet.

And there will be tweeting! Keep an eye on Twitter and the official #PDXCON hashtag for more news about the upcoming event. We will also host a dedicated page to the stream on TVGB this Friday.

For more info on War of the Vikings and/or Magicka: Wizard Wars, head over to their respective sites: