Payday: The Heist coming from SOE

File this one under “intriguing” for now; Sony Online Entertainment and Overkill have announced a brand new FPS, Payday: The Heist for PC and PSN.

This co-op focused shooter, as the name suggests, puts players in one of six different heist scenarios, including bank robberies and hostage situations. You’ll have to pull off the perfect job and then shoot your way out with up to three other friends online. Sharing ammo, providing cover fire, healing each other and working together is all key to getting away with the “big score”. Stick “Directed by Michael Mann” on the cover and we’ll be there day one.

Players can choose from assault, sharpshooter or support classes, all of which have different uses. This is mixed into character progression that will unlock new weapons and items as you go.

The first trailer is below, showing police shootouts and stealth sections amongst other clips. The game claims to have endless replayability thanks to adaptive AI. Let’s hope the devs pull it off then, because this could be a real winner if so.

Payday is set to launch later in the year, DLC has been promised too. We guess that means more scenarios and more weapons will be out a little while after the initial release.