PC letdowns of 2008

Age of Conan

Great MMOs are few and far between, and with a great one like World of Warcraft dominating the space, it’s even harder to compete. Despite that obstacle, Age of Conan showed great promise. We all loved the pretty graphics, mostly naked and busty female characters, decapitations, great PvP and well thought out combat. However, its hard to enjoy those things while fighting the Godzilla sized bugs that plagued it. And if you were lucky enough to stick it out and get to the higher levels, you were greeted with a content IOU, because it simply wasn’t there. The game had a lot of promise, at the start boasting good launch numbers, however that was short lived. This is probably a case where the publisher had an itchy trigger finger and couldn’t find the talcum powder. If Age of Conan stayed in beta a lot longer and the developers had more time to scrub it to a shine, it might not have made this list.