PC letdowns of 2008

Warhammer Online

Here is another case of a potentially great MMO that turned out to be cubic zirconian instead of a diamond. Warhammer is a great IP, and it is unfortunate that the MMO based on it was overly hyped and failed to deliver on a lot of its promise. Hailed to be the great PvP MMO, it failed to even meet the PvP quality of Mythic’s other MMO, Dark Age of Camelot. There are some really neat and innovative features like public quests and the open RvR. However, the PvP lacked balance, leveling is a chore and PvE content was nonexistent despite the many reassurances from Mythic that there would be plenty-o-PvE. The combat system sort of feels like you’re in a perpetual state of slow motion, and the graphics hit your machine hard without giving you much in return.

Again, if this would have spent more time in development, it could have been a major success. I do have hope though — if Mythic keeps tweaking and adjusting the game it could eventually evolve into a really great MMO, even if it is too late to hail it the WoW killer thanks to the bad taste it left in some players’ mouths.