Petition to remove “Always Online” DRM from SimCity has over 24,000 signatures

If you’re one of the many, many, many, many pissed off people that purchased SimCity and found out that you always have to be connected to the internet to play, then you should join the growing petition to get that removed. Over on there is an already 24,000+ person signed petition to get EA to make SimCity a game that can be played either offline or online. Here’s the link.

I have already signed it, and anyone reading this should as well. This “Always Online” feature in a lot of games of late is a huge problem, many people don’t have internet speeds to match the game/server demands, and not to mention the people who don’t have internet (Yes, they do exist ). When I bought Battlefield 3 last year I wasn’t going to have internet for another week and I figured “I’ll just install it now and play singleplayer until my internet is set up”. That never fucking happened. The game wouldn’t start without Origin being installed,  being connected to the internet, and having the game be updated.

This whole “Always Online” thing is a big pain in the ass and I have yet to hear a clear cut explanation about why companies do it with their games. If this type of bullshit has effected you in some way, then I suggest going over to that petition and signing; it’s the only way we can tell EA and other companies that we don’t want or need this feature.