Phoenix blazes onto Marvel vs. Capcom 3, brings Haggar with her

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And the character announcements for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 keep on coming; Phoenix and Haggar are the latest fighters to be revealed.

You’ll remember Phoenix from some of the most famous X-Men stories out there. This is the series debut for both her and host Jean Grey, so she’s bound to be popular. She uses an assortment of powerful attacks engulfed in flames to destroy the enemy.

Haggar is the muscle-bound ex-wrestler found in the Final Fight series. He’s obviously switching out the side-scrolling beat-em up for a one-on-one scrap. This guy’s all about brute force, using his body weight to slam down on foes and then beat them around with his fists.

Bother characters have their own videos above and below. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 releases next month.

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