Pokemon Go Halloween event brings exclusive costume-donned classics


Pokemon Go, the hit mobile game that absorbed everyone’s summer of 2016, is still going strong. In Niantic’s successful efforts to keep the game fresh, Pokemon Go has seen a swath of updates and events adding exclusive Pokemon and challenges to sustain the AR GPS tracking game. Starting on October 17th and running until November 1st, the Halloween season will infect the world of Go and give players a real treat. 

Pokemon Go

The biggest addition to Niantic’s game is the timed exclusive pokemon decked out in Halloween costumes of other Pokemon. Bulbasaur will be wearing a Shedinja disguise, Pikachu will turn the tables and dress as Mimikyu, Squirtle will be haunting raids in a Yamask costume, and Charmander will be paying tribute to another of the original 151 with a Cubone outfit. There’s even a slightly increased rate for these exclusives to make an appearance in their shiny forms, if you’re really lucky. 

Cool costumes aren’t the only additions in this event; players will also get a chance to catch more ghost and dark type Pokemon as they get their chance to come out and play in the spooky season. The dastardly Team Go Rocket will also have a wider variety of Pokemon to battle and free from their clutches. This event will also mark the first time that the legendary pitch-black Pokemon Darkrai will make an appearance via raids. Throughout the whole event players will also get their trick or treat haul by earning double the amount of candy from catching, trading, or hatching eggs.

Pokemon Go may have seen a dip in the player base after its initial boom that swept the mobile market, but Niantic has been giving plenty of reasons to come back to the game. Since the 2016 launch, the game has grown to include an additional 4 generations of Pokemon, special in-game research challenges, daily challenges and rewards, community events, Pokemon trades and battles, and a whole Team Rocket organization. Compared to the old days of the launch game, where you’d walk several miles to catch a couple of commons, the game has expanded and made the experience much richer for casual and die hard fans alike. There’s never been a better time to get into Pokemon Go than now.