The Best Pokemon Leaf Green Cheats (Complete, Fully-Tested List)

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This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

If you’re like us, you’ve been playing Kanto games for longer than you can remember, and at this point, you’ve run out of ideas for how to spice up your favorite region. Well, fear not, with these Pokemon Leaf Green cheats you’ll be able to get hours of fun out of this classic game.

How Do You Use Pokemon Leaf Green Cheats?

Using cheat codes is a breeze in Gen 3 games, so if you have an emulator on your phone or computer, you’re already more than halfway there. With a ROM of Pokemon Leaf Green at your disposal, getting a cheat to work only takes a few simple steps.

Whether you’re looking to hunt down legendary pokemon, make use of unlimited money, or simply have a few extra rare candies, the process is simple. To use Pokemon LeafGreen cheats, just fire up your emulator, enter a few codes, and enjoy the results.

Of course, there can always be some complications somewhere along the way, which is why we’ve thrown in a step-by-step guide here to start you off.

For starters, we need to make sure we can actually use cheats. If you’re playing with an actual Gameboy Advanced, you’ll need a physical Gameshark device or similar cheat cartridge, like an Action Replay.

However, if you’re like most people and playing on an emulator such as the MyBoy GBA Emulator, the Visual Boy Advanced, or the mGBA, you already have some sort of cheat cartridge pre-installed.

You’ll also want to make sure you’re using Pokemon LeafGreen V1.0. Using V1.1 can result in a lot of these cheats not working as intended, if at all.

With all that settled, you just have to start inputting codes and enabling them.

How Do You Enter Gameshark Codes?

Throughout this article, we’ll be almost exclusively using Gameshark codes. These can be run on just about any emulator, all you have to do is input them and make sure to apply them in the settings.

Before we walk you through the process, we should be clear that the actual input method is slightly different from emulator to emulator. While the general steps are going to be the same, the actual names of settings and locations of buttons might be different.

With that out of the way, it’s time to actually open up the cheat menu, which you should find somewhere in your settings. If done correctly, you should see a pop-up window that looks similar to the image below.

pokemon leaf green cheats, entering gameshark codes

Congratulations, you’re only a few short steps from using cheat codes in your game.

  1. Select ‘Add Gameshark’. We want to click this option so our device knows we’re using Gameshark codes.
  2. Give your new code a name. Naming codes isn’t necessary, but it’s incredibly helpful once you start using a wide variety of cheat codes in your game.
  3. Paste your code into the box on the right. Emulators typically make it clear where your codes go, as you see with the “Enter codes here…” prompt in the image above.
  4. Click ‘Add’. This will store the code in the named option you’ve just created. If you accidentally created a new code, that’s fine. Just go back and make sure the name on the left is highlighted when you click ‘Add’.
  5. Check the box next to your new code. Checked codes will be applied to the game, while unchecked codes will sit dormant.

Pokemon Leaf Green Cheat Codes

Item Cheat Codes

These codes will get you the items you need to breeze through any playthrough of Pokemon Leafgreen.

Unlimited Rare Candy cheat

This cheat will allow you to withdraw rare candy from your PC. While your game will initially say that you have 0 rare candies, don’t worry. Just withdraw one, and then you’ll be able to withdraw as many as you want.

82025840 0044

Unlimited master balls

Again, while you may only see ‘Master Ball x0’, you can withdraw as many master balls as you like from your PC.

82025840 0001

Wild Pokemon Cheat Codes

These cheats have some sort of influence over the pokemon you’ll encounter in the wild.

Shiny Pokemon Cheat

shiny pokemon code

Tracking down shiny pokemon can be incredibly difficult, especially in the earlier generations. With this cheat, all you need is to enable it and you’ll find shiny pokemon whenever you encounter a new creature.

A74320F4 175B5B22

8452A7D DDE55BCC

7FE56658 F483AC73

F8B8373C BAB2B56F1

Wild Pokemon Modifier Cheat Code

This cheat code will allow you to encounter any pokemon you desire. The following code is what’s known as a master code, it’s what you’ll need to input before the specific code which is written next to each pokemon’s name.


(This code is fully compatible with the shiny pokemon code.)

Specific Pokemon Codes

The last three digits of these codes can be replaced with even higher index numbers if you wish to encounter pokemon from generations 2 and 3.

83007CEE0001 – Bulbasaur
83007CEE0002 – Ivysaur
83007CEE0003 – Venusaur
83007CEE0004 – Charmander

83007CEE0005 – Charmeleon
83007CEE0006 – Charizard
83007CEE0007 – Squirtle
83007CEE0008 – Wartortle

83007CEE0009 – Blastoise
83007CEE000A – Caterpie
83007CEE000B – Metapod
83007CEE000C – Butterfree

83007CEE000D – Weedle
83007CEE000E – Kakuna
83007CEE000F – Beedrill
83007CEE0010 – Pidgey

83007CEE0011 – Pidgeotto
83007CEE0012 – Pidgeot
83007CEE0013 – Rattata
83007CEE0014 – Raticate

83007CEE0015 – Spearow
83007CEE0016 – Fearow
83007CEE0017 – Ekans
83007CEE0018 – Arbok

83007CEE0019 – Pikachu
83007CEE001A – Raichu
83007CEE001B – Sandshrew
83007CEE001C – Sandslash

83007CEE001D – Nidoran(female)
83007CEE001E – Nidorina
83007CEE001F – Nidoqueen
83007CEE0020 – Nidoran(male)

83007CEE0021 – Nidorino
83007CEE0022 – Nidoking
83007CEE0023 – Clefairy
83007CEE0024 – Clefable

83007CEE0025 – Vulpix
83007CEE0026 – Ninetales
83007CEE0027 – Jigglypuff
83007CEE0028 – Wigglytuff

83007CEE0029 – Zubat
83007CEE002A – Golbat
83007CEE002B – Oddish
83007CEE002C – Gloom

83007CEE002D – Vileplume
83007CEE002E – Paras
83007CEE002F – Parasect
83007CEE0030 – Venonat

83007CEE0031 – Venomoth
83007CEE0032 – Diglett
83007CEE0033 – Dugtrio
83007CEE0034 – Meowth

83007CEE0035 – Persian
83007CEE0036 – Psyduck
83007CEE0037 – Golduck
83007CEE0038 – Mankey

83007CEE0039 – Primeape
83007CEE003A – Growlithe
83007CEE003B – Arcanine
83007CEE003C – Poliwag

83007CEE003D – Poliwhirl
83007CEE003E – Poliwrath
83007CEE003F – Abra
83007CEE0040 – Kadabra

83007CEE0041 – Alakazam
83007CEE0042 – Machop
83007CEE0043 – Machoke
83007CEE0044 – Machamp

83007CEE0045 – Bellsprout
83007CEE0046 – Weepinbell
83007CEE0047 – Victreebel
83007CEE0048 – Tentacool

83007CEE0049 – Tentacruel
83007CEE004A – Geodude
83007CEE004B – Graveler
83007CEE004C – Golem

83007CEE004D – Ponyta
83007CEE004E – Rapidash
83007CEE004F – Slowpoke
83007CEE0050 – Slowbro

83007CEE0051 – Magnemite
83007CEE0052 – Magneton
83007CEE0053 – Farfetch’d
83007CEE0054 – Doduo

83007CEE0055 – Dodrio
83007CEE0056 – Seel
83007CEE0057 – Dewgong
83007CEE0058 – Grimer

83007CEE0059 – Muk
83007CEE005A – Shellder
83007CEE005B – Cloyster
83007CEE005C – Gastly

83007CEE005D – Haunter
83007CEE005E – Gengar
83007CEE005F – Onix
83007CEE0060 – Drowzee

83007CEE0061 – Hypno
83007CEE0062 – Krabby
83007CEE0063 – Kingler
83007CEE0064 – Voltorb

83007CEE0065 – Electrode
83007CEE0066 – Exeggcute
83007CEE0067 – Exeggutor
83007CEE0068 – Cubone

83007CEE0069 – Marowak
83007CEE006A – Hitmonlee
83007CEE006B – Hitmonchan
83007CEE006C – Lickitung

83007CEE006D – Koffing
83007CEE006E – Weezing
83007CEE006F – Rhyhorn
83007CEE0070 – Rhydon

83007CEE0071 – Chansey
83007CEE0072 – Tangela
83007CEE0073 – Kangaskhan
83007CEE0074 – Horsea

83007CEE0075 – Seadra
83007CEE0076 – Goldeen
83007CEE0077 – Seaking
83007CEE0078 – Staryu

83007CEE0079 – Starmie
83007CEE007A – Mr. Mime
83007CEE007B – Scyther
83007CEE007C – Jynx

83007CEE007D – Electabuzz
83007CEE007E – Magmar
83007CEE007F – Pinsir
83007CEE0080 – Tauros

83007CEE0081 – Magikarp
83007CEE0082 – Gyarados
83007CEE0083 – Lapras
83007CEE0084 – Ditto

83007CEE0085 – Eevee
83007CEE0086 – Vaporeon
83007CEE0087 – Jolteon
83007CEE0088 – Flareon

83007CEE0089 – Porygon
83007CEE008A – Omanyte
83007CEE008B – Omastar
83007CEE008C – Kabuto

83007CEE008D – Kabutops
83007CEE008E – Aerodactyl
83007CEE008F – Snorlax
83007CEE0090 – Articuno

83007CEE0091 – Zapdos
83007CEE0092 – Moltres
83007CEE0093 – Dratini
83007CEE0094 – Dragonair

83007CEE0095 – Dragonite
83007CEE0096 – Mewtwo
83007CEE0097 – Mew

Miscellaneous Pokemon Leaf Green Cheat Codes

Walk Through Walls

The ability to walk through walls is a staple pokemon cheat code that we absolutely need to include. It does almost exactly what it says, along with the added ability to walk over water, through trees, and basically through anything you’re not supposed to.

509197D3 542975F4
78DA95DF 44018CB4

Infinite Money

An unlimited amount of money can go a long way in a pokemon game. From essentially free daycare to all the Game Corner prizes you could ever hope for, there’s basically no reason not to have infinite money enabled.

00000554000A 101DC9B00007

830050000000 830050020000

82025838104E 8202583AE971

Skip trainer Battles

This code will allow you to completely avoid random battles as you’re traveling through Kanto. You can still talk to trainers to start a battle though, so you don’t have to worry about being under-leveled when you get to a gym leader or boss battle.



Obtain All the Badges in the Kanto Region

This code will allow you to obtain all the Kanto region gym badges before you even get your first pokemon. Simply input the code and then walk back and forth through any door a number of times (at least 5) and your Trainer Card will show all 8 badges.

Doing this will allow you to immediately face the Elite Four and use any HMs as soon as you obtain them.

EFCE867D 5403D40D


Sure, we all know that Pokemon Fire Red is the better game, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy Leaf Green every now and again. With these cheat codes enabled, you’ll be able to have even more fun with this next playthrough you’re attempting.