All Pokemon Ruby Cheats (Full Tested List!)

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This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

The third-generation entries are possibly some of the most loved out of all the Pokémon games, and they’ve definitely received the most tinkering from the community. Since these games have yet to fall out of fashion, we’ve got plenty of amazing Pokémon Ruby cheats you can immediately start using to enhance your gaming experience.

How Do You Use Pokemon Ruby Cheats?

Pokemon Ruby, along with Sapphire and Emerald, are some of the best-made Pokémon games out there, at least when it comes to hacking. Since cheat codes are essentially a beginner’s version of programming, it’s beyond simple to start using cheat codes in Pokemon Ruby right now.

In fact, the hardest part of all of this is finding the codes, and we’ve done that work for you. All you need to do is take these codes and load them into whichever emulator you’re using, or if you’re a bit more old-fashioned, your Gameboy Advanced.

Realistically though, most of us are going to be using some sort of emulator. Fortunately, that means you’ll likely already have access to a cheat cartridge since most emulators come preinstalled with Action Replay Gameshark and other code appliers.

If you don’t have an emulator or a ROM of Pokemon Ruby, go grab those basic supplies and then catch us in the next section for a quick walkthrough.

Enabling Cheat Codes in Pokemon Ruby

Pokémon Ruby cheats work the same as they would in any other game. You input codes in the ‘cheat code’ area of your emulator, make sure they’re applied and then enjoy as you take full control over your game. In this section, we’ll walk you through that process step-by-step.

We start by going into your settings and finding ‘cheats’, ‘cheat codes’, or some similarly named option. When you click that, you should get a pop-up box that looks something like the image below.

Enabling Cheat Codes in Pokemon Ruby

With that opened up, we can start actually adding cheat codes so we can get to the good stuff. To do so, use the following steps:

  1. Click ‘Add Gameshark’. Since the codes we’re using are all Gameshark codes, we’ll want to make sure our emulator knows it.
  2. Name your new code. Trust us, when you start using even more than five codes you’ll want to make sure they’re named for easy access.
  3. Type or paste your code into the box on the right. Most emulators make it very clear where your codes should go, such as the example’s “Enter codes here…” prompt.
  4. Click ‘Add’. This will attach the code you’ve written to the name you’ve created. If you accidentally just created a new code, don’t worry. Just go back and make sure the name on the left is highlighted when you click ‘Add’.
  5. Check the box next to your new code. Checked codes will be applied to the game, while unchecked codes will sit dormant.
  6. Possible Step: Enable codes. Some emulators have a different setting that turns all codes on and off. If you want your codes to run and you have this setting, you’ll need to make sure codes are enabled.

It’s important to remember that when we use cheat codes, we’re tampering with how the game is supposed to work. If Game Freak wanted us to have unlimited rare candies, they would’ve given them to us.

So, when we use codes, we need to be careful. Too much tampering can lead to glitches, game crashes, and even corrupted save files. Remember: save your game often, do not apply too many codes at the same time, and turn off codes when you’re done using them.

Troubleshooting Pokemon Ruby Cheats

The Pokémon Ruby Gameshark codes we use here are incredibly precise strings of letters and numbers, so a lot can go wrong with even relatively small errors. If you’ve run into a problem, don’t worry, there are some simple steps we can take to resolve the problem.

  1. Make sure your codes are applied. It might seem simple, but it’s incredibly easy to forget to check a box.
  2. Ensure your code is input correctly. Just one wrong character can lead to a code not working or working in an entirely unexpected manner.
  3. Make sure you’re using the write cheat cartridge. Generally, this means to make sure your code was applied as a Gameshark code, but you also might want to try using it through a different code applier. As we said, every emulator is different.
  4. Lighten the load on your game. If you have too many codes running, it’s very possible that they might be conflicting with each other. Reducing the number of applied codes is often a quick fix to any problems you might be running into.

Alright! Now that we’ve got the basics covered, let’s get to the codes themselves!

Pokémon Ruby Cheats

We’ve put together a list of Pokémon Ruby cheats that you’re sure to love. Naturally, we’ve also tested them all, so we can ensure you that what you read is what you’re going to get.

Remember, all of these codes, unless otherwise noted, are Gameshark codes. While they should technically work through other cheat cartridges, you’ll want to stick with Gameshark for guaranteed performance.

Item Cheat Codes

These cheat codes will allow you to get whatever items you need to enjoy the game.

Unlimited Rare Candies cheat

What better way to start our list off than with a classic rare candies cheat? This code will place 99 Rare Candies in your PC. If you pull them all out and exit the PC, there will always be 99 more Rare Candies there to take their place.

280EA266 88A62E5C

Unlimited Master Balls Cheat

This cheat works exactly the same as the Rare Candies cheat, just replacing the ‘Rare Candy’ item with the ‘Master Ball’ item. You’ll definitely want to be using this cheat with others on our list since easily catching shiny pokémon and legendary pokémon is best done with a Master Ball.

91B85743 27069397

TMs and Hms

Enter these codes to unlock various TMs and HMs in Pokemon Ruby.

Focus Punch: 87E1D568 733CE392

Dragon Claw: AFFC928E 509932B6

Water Pulse: 016E19DE 75C25DE1

Calm Mind: 664B55E0 E3B9ADBE

Roar: 65689C19 E0F8EE35

Toxic: 34FA78EE DF2F9673

Hail: 5219C016 837AA1FB

Bulk Up: D9FF21EF 1E0944EE

Bullet Seed: AF90BCB1 E93C8C8F

Hidden Power: 1005412B B196BDB0

Sunny Day: 15B2D27F 2947AA48

Taunt: 1573DF09 BCDE2B56

Ice Beam: E029E841 6918E5A2

Blizzard: 811F83E6 1600B2DE

Hyper Beam: 7F58EBA8 46EF36AF

Light Screen: ACAE9A73 43567E91

Protect: FEBDD9BA 711ECC96

Rain Dance: D611EE66 00008B2B

Giga Drain: 18B0AB2A D7B9E3E8

Safeguard: 2BE8D3B0 FD4E4A72

Frustration: 54268584 FD346B4E

Solarbeam: D268698C C224D8E2

Iron Tail: BBF66105 DF4B9B13

Thunderbolt: 4E834EE4 53BF5FC4

Thunder: 1186081B 0925F6DE

Earthquake: 40B763B9 30FA9092

Return: F35612E8 DF5A3388

Dig: E142FCC3 27F93269

Psychic: 334ADA15 00DD173C

Shadow Ball: 848DF53E 11C03BCB

Brick Break: 7E7C1393 4EA124C2

Double Team: 595504D3 5812DDC0

Reflect: 7F54FD32 38D42C04

Shock Wave: 3262C606 CA96F2AC

Flamethrower: 699901C1 D4146993

Sludge Bomb: 38EA2ABC 9F825022

Sandstorm: BAF06A65 76DE2DA7

Fire Blast: 437D8EDD D96C39A5

Rock Tomb: 8B8AB1E7 E5D9327C

Aerial Ace: FDDDD994 1F12CAD4

Torment: EB7B7AC8 CD87A01D

Facade: 400A2E08 BB674CEF

Secret Power: 817340AB 669E1252

Rest: 290EDB0B 033716EA

Attract: 00A2067E 3393D58D

Thief: 1A70058D 0F06F296

Steel Wing: D5280C4F 4EDF6B5A

Skill Swap: D17032BA 105033D8

Snatch: 7002427B BA4E993F

Overheat: E59D1903 1D2D1C5A

Cut: B77739FC 26D71E64

Fly: 6625764E 75091013

Surf: F337F6FE C824F891

Strength: B036BEB1 097E5C89

Flash: F2B1C76A F6DB27B6

Rock Smash: 2E914FA6 D9EFE74A

Waterfall: 3C22A077 6CB5D966

Dive: C7AC2C1B DD487A35

Party Pokémon Ruby Cheat Codes

These Pokémon Ruby cheats will allow you to modify certain aspects of pokémon that are already in your party.

Throughout this section, you’ll see that most of the ‘max stats’ codes end in ’03E7′. In hexadecimal, this translates to 999, which is why all of the supposed max stats will go to 999.

This is obviously great, but if you want your pokemon’s stats to be a bit more realistic, you can use a decimal-to-hexadecimal converter to replace those last three digits.

For our own coding purposes, we tend to use ‘0226’. This gives us a whopping 550, which sits among the upper limits of actual stats you’d see on a level 100 pokémon.

Level 100 Pokemon

There’s no need to use any rare candy if you simply set the levels of your pokémon. Again, you can modify this code by changing the ’64’ at the end to a lower number. Here are a few options just to make your life easier:

  • Level 50 – ’32’
  • Level 36 – ’24’
  • Level 70 – ’46’

No matter which level you choose, one thing is for sure: this is definitely a quicker method than employing a Rare Candy code.

First Pokemon Cheat Code:

330043B4 0064

Second Pokemon Cheat Code:

83004418 0064

Third Pokemon Cheat Code:

8300447C 0064

Fourth Pokemon Cheat Code:

830044E0 0064

Fifth Pokemon Cheat Code:

83004544 0064

Sixth Pokemon Cheat Code:

830045A8 0064

Max Stats

First Pokemon Cheat Code:

430043B6 03E7
00000007 0002

Second Pokemon Cheat Code:

4300441A 03E7
00000007 0002

Third Pokemon Cheat Code:

4300447E 03E7
00000007 0002

Fourth Pokemon Cheat Code:

430044E2 03E7
00000007 0002

Fifth Pokemon Cheat Code:

43004546 03E7
00000007 0002

Sixth Pokemon Cheat Code:

430045AA 03E7
00000007 0002

Unlimited HP

First Pokemon Cheat Code:

830043B6 03E7

Second Pokemon Cheat Code:

8300441A 03E7

Third Pokemon Cheat Code:

8300447E 03E7

Fourth Pokemon Cheat Code:

830044E2 03E7

Fifth Pokemon Cheat Code:

83004546 03E7

Sixth Pokemon Cheat Code:

830045AA 03E7

Max HP

First Pokemon Cheat Code:

830043B8 03E7

Second Pokemon Cheat Code:

8300441C 03E7

Third Pokemon Cheat Code:

83004480 03E7

Fourth Pokemon Cheat Code:

830044E4 03E7

Fifth Pokemon Cheat Code:

83004548 03E7

Sixth Pokemon Cheat Code:

830045AC 03E7

Max Attack

First Pokemon Cheat Code:

830043BA 03E7

Second Pokemon Cheat Code:

8300441E 03E7

Third Pokemon Cheat Code:

83004482 03E7

Fourth Pokemon Cheat Code:

830044E6 03E7

Fifth Pokemon Cheat Code:

8300454A 03E7

Sixth Pokemon Cheat Code:

830045AE 03E7

Max Defense

First Pokemon Cheat Code:

830043BC 03E7

Second Pokemon Cheat Code:

83004420 03E7

Third Pokemon Cheat Code:

83004484 03E7

Fourth Pokemon Cheat Code:

830044E8 03E7

Fifth Pokemon Cheat Code:

8300454C 03E7

Sixth Pokemon Cheat Code:

830045B0 03E7

Max Speed

First Pokemon Cheat Code:

830043BE 03E7

Second Pokemon Cheat Code:

83004422 03E7

Third Pokemon Cheat Code:

83004486 03E7

Fourth Pokemon Cheat Code:

830044EA 03E7

Fifth Pokemon Cheat Code:

8300454E 03E7

Sixth Pokemon Cheat Code:

830045B2 03E7

Max Special Attack

First Pokemon Cheat Code:

830043C0 03E7

Second Pokemon Cheat Code:

83004424 03E7

Third Pokemon Cheat Code:

83004488 03E7

Fourth Pokemon Cheat Code:

830044EC 03E7

Fifth Pokemon Cheat Code:

83004550 03E7

Sixth Pokemon Cheat Code:

830045B4 03E7

Max Special Defense

First Pokemon Cheat Code:

830043C2 03E7

Second Pokemon Cheat Code:

83004426 03E7

Third Pokemon Cheat Code:

8300448A 03E7

Fourth Pokemon Cheat Code:

830044EE 03E7

Fifth Pokemon Cheat Code:

83004552 03E7

Sixth Pokemon Cheat Code:

830045B6 03E7

Wild Pokémon Cheat Codes

These codes will allow you to change certain aspects of the wild pokémon you encounter.

Encounter Legendary Pokemon

If you’re just looking to get your hands on a strong legendary pokemon, you don’t even need to look at our wild pokemon modifier cheat below. Just enter these codes and you’ll be face-to-face with the legendary pokémon of your dreams.

Be sure to take a Master Ball with you. Even if you’re encountering these pokémon at level 3, you’ll still need a Master Ball in order to come close to catching a legendary.


A2E564FE 0FB58A54
530823D9 16558191
B8BABB07 1279065D


A2E564FE 0FB58A54
530823D9 16558191
813E577F C64AB1BA


A2E564FE 0FB58A54
530823D9 16558191
5A8E3C77 1F661F0B


A2E564FE 0FB58A54
530823D9 16558191
649DA11D AC382E6A


A2E564FE 0FB58A54
530823D9 16558191
13EAA696 65095035


A2E564FE 0FB58A54
530823D9 16558191
A10710E4 E472D0F8


A2E564FE 0FB58A54
530823D9 16558191
5B01BDB2 183D8C74


A2E564FE 0FB58A54
530823D9 16558191
D25A4A77 A675F69A


A2E564FE 0FB58A54
530823D9 16558191
4EECFE9F 27D82240


A2E564FE 0FB58A54
530823D9 16558191
3D68FB8B 4B323185


A2E564FE 0FB58A54
530823D9 16558191


A2E564FE 0FB58A54
530823D9 16558191


A2E564FE 0FB58A54
530823D9 16558191
B8E60141 9846F68D


A2E564FE 0FB58A54
530823D9 16558191


A2E564FE 0FB58A54
530823D9 16558191
F655438D 3AA5C717




A2E564FE 0FB58A54
530823D9 16558191
F45F5684 50826322


A2E564FE 0FB58A54
530823D9 16558191
9924490F 674355D7


A2E564FE 0FB58A54
530823D9 16558191
B0EF6EE8 A714B8D9


A2E564FE 0FB58A54
530823D9 16558191
89CF0941 3F293D81


A2E564FE 0FB58A54
530823D9 16558191
88F7CB8E EE360350

Wild pokemon modifier Cheat Code

Wild pokemon modifier Cheat Code

The wild pokemon modifier code allows you to select which pokémon you want to encounter. Simply change XXX to the index code for the desired pokémon and voila, your random battles are no longer random.


Wild pokemon Index Codes

001    Bulbasaur

002    Ivysaur

003    Venusaur

004    Charmander

005    Charmeleon

006    Charizard

007    Squirtle

008    Wartortle

009    Blastoise

00A    Caterpie

00B    Metapod

00C    Butterfree

00D    Weedle

00E    Kakuna

00F    Beedrill

010    Pidgey

011    Pidgeotto

012    Pidgeot

013    Rattata

014    Raticate

015    Spearow

016    Fearow

017    Ekans

018    Arbok

019    Pikachu

01A    Raichu

01B    Sandshrew

01C    Sandslash

01D    Nidoran?

01E    Nidorina

01F    Nidoqueen

020    Nidoran?

021    Nidorino

022    Nidoking

023    Clefairy

024    Clefable

025    Vulpix

026    Ninetales

027    Jigglypuff

028    Wigglytuff

029    Zubat

02A    Golbat

02B    Oddish

02C    Gloom

02D    Vileplume

02E    Paras

02F    Parasect

030    Venonat

031    Venomoth

032    Diglett

033    Dugtrio

034    Meowth

035    Persian

036    Psyduck

037    Golduck

038    Mankey

039    Primeape

03A    Growlithe

03B    Arcanine

03C    Poliwag

03D    Poliwhirl

03E    Poliwrath

03F    Abra

040    Kadabra

041    Alakazam

042    Machop

043    Machoke

044    Machamp

045    Bellsprout

046    Weepinbell

047    Victreebel

048    Tentacool

049    Tentacruel

04A    Geodude

04B    Graveler

04C    Golem

04D    Ponyta

04E    Rapidash

04F    Slowpoke

050    Slowbro

051    Magnemite

052    Magneton

053    Farfetch’d

054    Doduo

055    Dodrio

056    Seel

057    Dewgong

058    Grimer

059    Muk

05A    Shellder

05B    Cloyster

05C    Gastly

05D    Haunter

05E    Gengar

05F    Onix

060    Drowzee

061    Hypno

062    Krabby

063    Kingler

064    Voltorb

065    Electrode

066    Exeggcute

067    Exeggutor

068    Cubone

069    Marowak

06A    Hitmonlee

06B    Hitmonchan

06C    Lickitung

06D    Koffing

06E    Weezing

06F    Rhyhorn

070    Rhydon

071    Chansey

072    Tangela

073    Kangaskhan

074    Horsea

075    Seadra

076    Goldeen

077    Seaking

078    Staryu

079    Starmie

07A    Mr. Mime

07B    Scyther

07C    Jynx

07D    Electabuzz

07E    Magmar

07F    Pinsir

080    Tauros

081    Magikarp

082    Gyarados

083    Lapras

084    Ditto

085    Eevee

086    Vaporeon

087    Jolteon

088    Flareon

089    Porygon

08A    Omanyte

08B    Omastar

08C    Kabuto

08D    Kabutops

08E    Aerodactyl

08F    Snorlax

090    Articuno

091    Zapdos

092    Moltres

093    Dratini

094    Dragonair

095    Dragonite

096    Mewtwo

097    Mew

098    Chikorita

099    Bayleef

09A    Meganium

09B    Cyndaquil

09C    Quilava

09D    Typhlosion

09E    Totodile

09F    Croconaw

0A0    Feraligatr

0A1    Sentret

0A2    Furret

0A3    Hoothoot

0A4    Noctowl

0A5    Ledyba

0A6    Ledian

0A7    Spinarak

0A8    Ariados

0A9    Crobat

0AA    Chinchou

0AB    Lanturn

0AC    Pichu

0AD    Cleffa

0AE    Igglybuff

0AF    Togepi

0B0    Togetic

0B1    Natu

0B2    Xatu

0B3    Mareep

0B4    Flaaffy

0B5    Ampharos

0B6    Bellossom

0B7    Marill

0B8    Azumarill

0B9    Sudowoodo

0BA    Politoed

0BB    Hoppip

0BC    Skiploom

0BD    Jumpluff

0BE    Aipom

0BF    Sunkern

0C0    Sunflora

0C1    Yanma

0C2    Wooper

0C3    Quagsire

0C4    Espeon

0C5    Umbreon

0C6    Murkrow

0C7    Slowking

0C8    Misdreavus

0C9    Unown

0CA    Wobbuffet

0CB    Girafarig

0CC    Pineco

0CD    Forretress

0CE    Dunsparce

0CF    Gligar

0D0    Steelix

0D1    Snubbull

0D2    Granbull

0D3    Qwilfish

0D4    Scizor

0D5    Shuckle

0D6    Heracross

0D7    Sneasel

0D8    Teddiursa

0D9    Ursaring

0DA    Slugma

0DB    Magcargo

0DC    Swinub

0DD    Piloswine

0DE    Corsola

0DF    Remoraid

0E0    Octillery

0E1    Delibird

0E2    Mantine

0E3    Skarmory

0E4    Houndour

0E5    Houndoom

0E6    Kingdra

0E7    Phanpy

0E8    Donphan

0E9    Porygon2

0EA    Stantler

0EB    Smeargle

0EC    Tyrogue

0ED    Hitmontop

0EE    Smoochum

0EF    Elekid

0F0    Magby

0F1    Miltank

0F2    Blissey

0F3    Raikou

0F4    Entei

0F5    Suicune

0F6    Larvitar

0F7    Pupitar

0F8    Tyranitar

0F9    Lugia

0FA    Ho-Oh

0FB    Celebi

115    Treecko

116    Grovyle

117    Sceptile

118    Torchic

119    Combusken

11A    Blaziken

11B    Mudkip

11C    Marshtomp

11D    Swampert

11E    Poochyena

11F    Mightyena

120    Zigzagoon

121    Linoone

122    Wurmple

123    Silcoon

124    Beautifly

125    Cascoon

126    Dustox

127    Lotad

128    Lombre

129    Ludicolo

12A    Seedot

12B    Nuzleaf

12C    Shiftry

12D    Nincada

12E    Ninjask

12F    Shedinja

130    Taillow

131    Swellow

132    Shroomish

133    Breloom

134    Spinda

135    Wingull

136    Pelipper

137    Surskit

138    Masquerain

139    Wailmer

13A    Wailord

13B    Skitty

13C    Delcatty

13D    Kecleon

13E    Baltoy

13F    Claydol

140    Nosepass

141    Torkoal

142    Sableye

143    Barboach

144    Whiscash

145    Luvdisc

146    Corphish

147    Crawdaunt

148    Feebas

149    Milotic

14A    Carvanha

14B    Sharpedo

14C    Trapinch

14D    Vibrava

14E    Flygon

14F    Makuhita

150    Hariyama

151    Electrike

152    Manectric

153    Numel

154    Camerupt

155    Spheal

156    Sealeo

157    Walrein

158    Cacnea

159    Cacturne

15A    Snorunt

15B    Glalie

15C    Lunatone

15D    Solrock

15E    Azurill

15F    Spoink

160    Grumpig

161    Plusle

162    Minun

163    Mawile

164    Meditite

165    Medicham

166    Swablu

167    Altaria

168    Wynaut

169    Duskull

16A    Dusclops

16B    Roselia

16C    Slakoth

16D    Vigoroth

16E    Slaking

16F    Gulpin

170    Swalot

171    Tropius

172    Whismur

173    Loudred

174    Exploud

175    Clamperl

176    Huntail

177    Gorebyss

178    Absol

179    Shuppet

17A    Banette

17B    Seviper

17C    Zangoose

17D    Relicanth

17E    Aron

17F    Lairon

180    Aggron

181    Castform

182    Volbeat

183    Illumise

184    Lileep

185    Cradily

186    Anorith

187    Armaldo

188    Ralts

189    Kirlia

18A    Gardevoir

18B    Bagon

18C    Shelgon

18D    Salamence

18E    Beldum

18F    Metang

190    Metagross

191    Regirock

192    Regice

193    Registeel

194    Kyogre

195    Groudon

196    Rayquaza

197    Latias

198    Latios

199    Jirachi

19A    Deoxys

19B    Chimecho

19C    Pokémon Egg

19D    Unown

Battle Cheat Codes

These helpful cheats are what you need to take complete control over any battle you end up in.

Catch Enemy Trainer’s pokémon

This Ruby cheat lets you throw pokeballs at another trainer’s pokemon. However, it doesn’t automatically let you catch them, so you’ll probably also want to use the unlimited master ball cheat we have listed above.

B6C5368A 08BEAFF4

6FD608D0 B9151D51

084197CA 3EA6DE4F

8E883EFF 92E9660D

Unlimited PP

This cheat code provides unlimited PP to whichever pokémon you have sent out.

32024AA4 00FF

32024AA5 00FF

Miscellaneous Cheats

This section is reserved for Ruby cheats that don’t quite fit into a neat category.

Infinite Money

Infinite money cheats make Pokémon games a breeze. Whether you just want to stock up on healing items or you’re looking to fill up your Coin Case, this is the code for you.

E51E97C3 7858E4EB

Complete Pokedex

If you’re looking to fill out your Pokedex without a complete collection of pokémon from the Hoenn region, this code will get the job done for you.

767CB1FC DD748434
1285CF69 1834F175
DBB87FCA 6276D975

9A732B89 F770B329
DBB87FCA 6276D975
1F0A9164 737E93CD

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Obtain All Badges

This Ruby cheat will automatically give you all 8 badges, along with any privileges that might come along with them.

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Walk through walls cheat

The walk through walls cheat is well-known by pokémon fans worldwide. Quite simply, it allows you to walk through walls.

More accurately, this code lets you walk where you’re not supposed to. Sure, that means you can walk through walls, but it also means you can walk through trees, over water, through ledges, and so much more.

Be warned, this code can easily create some glitches for you, so be careful and save often.

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With these Pokemon Ruby cheats you’ll be able to modify this classic game to your heart’s content. Find whichever pokemon you want, turn them into incredibly powerful allies, and conquer the Hoenn region with ease. Oh, and remember to have fun.