Pokemon Sword & Shield game file size revealed

The upcoming Pokemon games will take up a pretty good bite out of your memory card.

Can you believe that we are just one month out from the release of a mainline Pokemon game on the Switch? It seems like it has been forever since the Switch has launched and feels like it’s been even longer waiting to be able to catch ’em all on Nintendo’s most popular handheld to date. Pokemon Sword and Shield will be Game Freaks’ Gen 8 offering and reports from Pokemon fansite Serebii has let slip that download cards for the games have begun to pop up in Japanese game stores. The cool thing is that they just happen to reveal the games’ file size as well as the names of some popular Pokemon that will be making an appearance in the new games.

Quite surprisingly, the cards state that the games will each launch at a whopping 10.3 GB. I know what you are thinking, that’s not so big considering the astronomical sizes that most triple-A games launch at in today’s gaming market. Just to give you a little perspective, however, last year’s Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee weighed in at less than half of that at 4.2 GB. This hefty weight will put Pokemon Sword and Shield in the category of two of the largest first-party games to date.

In addition, it was also confirmed that the cards reveal that Pokemon Sword and Shield will feature Gen 5 Psychic-type Gothita and its evolved forms, as well as the Fire/Dragon turtle, Turtonator, from Pokemon Sun and Moon. Game Freak and Nintendo are keeping the exact total amount of Pokemon that will be featured in the games pretty close to their vests but we do know that at least 250 Pokemon have been confirmed to date.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launches on the Nintendo Switch November 15.