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This post was last updated on November 1, 2022

Pokémon Unite is a five-versus-five, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)-style game where you can join a team with four other players online to try to score more points than your opponents in ten minutes.

Playing as a Pokémon, you’ll use its unique abilities to fight the opposing team. Unlike the classic Pokémon games, where moves have counters based on attack types like fire, water, ghost, etc., Unite focuses on team-oriented matches.

Our Pokémon Unite Tier List will help you choose the best Pokémon to lead your team to victory in solo queue. Check out That VideoGame Blog for more mobile gaming news.

Tier List: All Pokemon Ranked

In Pokémon Unite, you can choose to play one of five roles: Attacker, All-rounder, Speedster, Defender, or Supporter. Before we dive into the tier lists for each role, we’ll provide our ranks for all the Pokémon in the game:

  • SS-Tier: Absol, Hoopa, Mew, Pikachu, Sylveon, Tsareena, Tyranitar
  • S-Tier: Aegislash, Alolan Ninetales, Blissey, Buzzwole, Cinderace, Dodrio, Dragonite, Gardevoir, Glaceon, Greedent, Greninja, Lucario, Machamp, Snorlax, Trevenant, Venusaur
  • A-Tier: Azumarill, Blastoise, Charizard, Decidueye, Delphox, Gengar, Mamoswine, Mr. Mime, Slowbro, Talonflame, Wigglytuff, Zeraora
  • B-Tier: Cramorant, Duraludon, Eldegoss, Espeon
  • C-Tier: Crustle, Garchomp

Mew and Dodrio are the newest additions to the Unite lineup and are solid choices for high-rank matches, coming in strong as SS- and S-tier respectively.

Nintendo recently announced the release of the new champions, Scizor and Clefable. While Clefable is a confirmed Supporter Pokémon, Scizor’s role is unknown but likely to be All-rounder.

Attacker Tier List

Attacker Pokémon use long-range attacks to deal massive damage while maintaining a safe distance from their opponent. The Pokémon in this role have lower hit points (HP) than other roles, so you need to know when to back off and when to be aggressive. Attackers are high point scorers, able to quickly take out wild Pokémon and other players with their firepower.

  • SS-Tier: Mew, Pikachu, Sylveon
  • S-Tier: Alolan Ninetails, Cinderace, Gardevoir, Glaceon, Greninja, Venusaur
  • A-Tier: Decidueye, Delphox
  • B-Tier: Cramorant, Duraludon, Espeon
  • C-Tier:

Best Choice: Mew

Mew is a powerful Attacker with an edge of unpredictability thanks to its Move Reset passive ability, which allows you to switch to different moves during the match. For example, after using a long-cooldown ability, you can use Move Reset to switch to Solar Beam or Electro Ball to keep doling out damage with your special attacks.

The complexity of Mew’s move set gives the Pokémon a high skill-ceiling, requiring some practice to learn how to play it effectively. Once you master Mew, though, you can easily carry your team to victory in your ranked matches.

All-rounder Tier List

All-rounders allow you to be flexible in your playstyle, whether you want to tank or deal damage. Depending on how the match goes, you can adjust your moves and items to make up for your team’s weaknesses or add to their strengths. Their mix of damage and survivability makes All-rounders excellent for leading team fights and a good role for beginners.

  • SS-Tier: Tsareena, Tyranitar
  • S-Tier: Aegislash, Buzzwole, Lucario, Machamp
  • A-Tier: Azumarill, Charizard
  • B-Tier:
  • C-Tier: Garchomp

Best Choice: Tsareena

A recent balance patch brought Tsareena back to being a top-tier Pokémon. With the incredible buffs from Queenly Majesty, this versatile All-rounder can deal tons of damage while maintaining HP and crowd control.

Playing Tsareena in the jungle allows you to build power faster in the early game and unleash deadly attacks on unaware opponents. To best use Tsareena’s Unite move, you can close the distance with Trop Kick or Glassy Glide, then hit hard with Queen Ascendant followed by Stomp.

Speedster Tier List

Speedster Pokémon have high mobility and damage, able to zoom around the map to provide help wherever the team needs them. Speedsters are perfect for ganking lanes, where you catch your opponents off guard with a sudden attack. With low HP, Speedsters have to be careful to get back out of the fight after dealing damage, diving in and out in a flash with their dash moves.

  • SS-Tier: Absol
  • S-Tier: Dodrio
  • A-Tier: Gengar, Talonflame, Zeraora
  • B-Tier:
  • C-Tier:

Best Choice: Absol

Absol embodies what it means to be a Speedster, doling out incredible burst damage with critical hits that can even rip through high-HP defenders. It’s crucial to level up quickly in the early stages of the game, maximizing your ability to deal damage and give your teammates a leg up for late-game success.

Because of Absol’s low HP, you should focus on aggressive close combat from unexpected angles, usually after your teammate has already engaged an enemy. Note that Absol’s Unite move makes you untargetable for the duration of the attack.

Defender Tier List

Defenders have high endurance and HP and can withstand tons of damage from the enemy team, making them valuable players in Unite’s meta.

Despite their lack of offensive moves, they play the vital role of keeping their team alive during fights by drawing attention to themselves with melee attacks and crowd control abilities like Rapid Spin and Horn Leech. Defenders provide distractions like freezing enemies in place to give your team the upper hand.

  • SS-Tier:
  • S-Tier: Greedent, Snorlax, Trevenant
  • A-Tier: Blastoise, Mamoswine, Slowbro
  • B-Tier:
  • C-Tier: Crustle

Best Choice: Trevenant

Trevenant is one of the strongest Pokémon in terms of survivability, with the ability to rapidly recover HP. The Defender’s moveset allows for extremely aggressive gameplay, enabling you to get in the enemy’s face with Branch Boke and capture them in your Curse.

Curse’s area of effect (AOE) damage and movement speed debuff can wreak havoc in team fights or provide a barrier to help your teammates score points. The ability to control fights and objectives makes Trevenant S-tier and highly effective in Unite’s ranked play.

Supporter Tier List

The primary purpose of Supporter Pokémon is to turn fights around by healing allies and providing shields and debuffs. They are very fragile, and the opposing team will usually target them first, so Supporters should carefully position themselves just outside of the battle. While supporting their team, they can also deal some damage with long-ranged attacks from the sidelines.

  • SS-Tier: Hoopa
  • S-Tier: Blissey
  • A-Tier: Mr. Mime, Wigglytuff
  • B-Tier: Eldegoss
  • C-Tier:

Best Choice: Hoopa

Most Supporters heal allies and apply status effects, but Hoopa has the unique ability to open up portals to other parts of the map. With this high-tier Pokémon, you can use the Unite move Rings Unbound and Hyperspace Hole to get your team to important objectives and simultaneously defend multiple lanes.

Hyperspace Hole can also transport your teammates back to base if they stand in the ring until the timer runs out. This ability allows you to pull off quick saves during sweaty fights. Hoopa is one of the top Pokémon for pulling off tricky strategies that catch your opponents off-guard.

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