Portal on Mac downloaded “millions” of times

[tvgb 152891]

Steam for Mac launched yesterday, maybe you heard. And it’s done well; out of the 50+ launch titles, one very particular game — Portal — saw quite a few downloads. “Millions” even, Valve says.

Granted, the puzzler was and still is (until May 24) available completely free for everyone who downloads Steam, but that only means there are now a few million Macs out there which have Steam installed.

Reads a note sent from Valve PR today, “Yesterday, millions of new recruits poured into the Aperture Science Enrichment Center for Portal testing. If they are ever found, we are sure they would want you to know that the wheels of science turn ever onward.”

It goes on: “Today, in an effort to restaff, Aperture Science directs your attention to this motivational recruitment video.”

Enter the video above.