Updated / Possible BioShock 2 concept art?


BioShock came, saw, and conquered the gaming industry last summer, easily cementing itself as one of the most unique, thought out, and captivating gaming experiences of 2007. A follow-up to the game is a given (and a mobile version too, it seems), the only question is when we’ll start seeing something from it and if it’ll be a sequel or a prequel as recently rumored.

To give gamers a few glimpses of locations we might possibly inhabit in the second game, an artist named Ben Mauro has posted a few concept drawings for a proposed sequel to Bioshock on his blog. It’s unclear wether this is contracted work or just something he drew up on his own — I’ve contacted the artist to get an explanation, and will update this post once I get a response — but it certainly looks fairly interesting. Especially what appears to be a mechanical whale. Rest of the drawings after the break.

Update: The author behind these images just got back to me, saying these are not official BioShock concept drawings. In his own words: “It was for a class at Art Center, the assignment was to design a sequel for a videogame or film. So I picked one of my favorite games from last year.”