Possible buyout could bring APB back

Realtime Worlds’ criminally unpopular MMO, APB, may be granted a stay of execution according to company spokesman Ben Bateman, who claims negotiations for a buyout are close to being finalized. That analogy would have worked better if the switch hadn’t long since been thrown on the title after a scant three months. Seriously, the body is cold. But apparently still fresh enough that in addition to that free EA title, offered in lieu of a refund, gamers who bought their copies of and subscriptions to APB near the end might actually get a chance to play the game.

“It’s looking like there might be light at the end of the tunnel for APB,” wrote Bateman. “The end of the administration process is apparently close and there appears to be a buyer for the game.”

At one point Gears of War developer Epic Games was rumored to be a potential buyer, but the deal fell through, despite the fact that they were probably entitled to a rather sizable discount – according to a financial statement filed by the bankrupt studio, Realtime Worlds owes Epic a minimum of £117,830, which was due to be paid using royalties from APB, for licensing their Unreal Engine.