Possible leak of Tomb Raider reboot details?

The folks over at 4Player Co-Op are asserting that a mole of theirs, deep within Eidos, alerted them earlier in the day with snapshots of new details for a Tomb Raider series reboot. The new concept art for Lara has her in a red tank top, a bow and arrow, what looks to be a hatchet and a torch. She’s also partially covered in mud, bringing a Christina Aguilera type of dirty sexy to the proceedings (anybody else smell advanced dirt technology being announced?). Other art depicts our fair maiden riding horseback (presumably covered in dirt) and fighting off demon smurfs (I think) with claw arms. Art of the enemies has a creepy looking Samara-via-Alex Mercer little girl and the aforementioned claw armed demons.

Other important details of note:

  • The game has a large M label on it, which marks a first for the series. Can underaged boy gamers finally see Lara nude? Probably not, but they can expect her eviscerating stuff. With blood and everything!
  • It’s open world, folks. Labelling it “One Colossal World,” the game purports to have a large, diverse multi-region island filled with things to kill, M-rated style.
  • This is an origin story explaining why Lara is the way she is. I had always thought it was because she was rich and British, and therefore felt entitled to rob priceless artifacts and shoot endangered species in the head. At least now she can do it M-rated.
  • It’s a survival actioner, with enemies “hunting” you. Possibly looking to kill you in M-rated glory. Or have a tea party.
  • Did I mention the game was M-rated?