Pottermore is Coming to PlayStation Home

Sony made an announcement through PlayStation Blog today that Pottermore will be coming to PlayStation Home this April.

Pottermore is an interactive Harry Potter website where players can further explore the Harry Potter universe as students of Hogwarts, and experience events in the books.

What makes Pottermore stand out from other Harry Potter games is that J.K. Rowling herself has provided previously unreleased information to enrich the experience, further back story of characters, concepts on designs…etc.

Through PlayStation Home, players can actually step inside famous landmarks such as Diagon Alley and board the Hogwarts Express. Also, famous mini-games from the site will be re-worked for players to immerse their avatar in a more realistic environment.

There are also new objects for avatars to purchase such as owls, cats and toads. There will be shops for robes and wizard attires as well.

For those who already have a Pottermore account, they can also link their account with the PlayStation Network to continue their journey in the world of Harry Potter.

Here’s a trailer for the game: