PowerA Fusion controller coming September


Xbox One is adding a new controller to its lineup of options today with the announcement of the Fusion controller. It’s created by PowerA and gives players the ability to customize their gaming experience with a variety of options and enhancements. This controller is officially licensed by Microsoft and will be hitting retailers starting September 1st for the low price of $50. The real question here though is what makes this controller so great? 

Fusion controller, Xbox One, PowerA

Fusion controller for Xbox One brought to us by PowerA

The Fusion controller offers six interchangeable analog sticks with a grand total of 14 different combinations which you can mix and match to best suit your needs. In addition, there are 2 pro-gaming buttons giving players the power to map actions to buttons on the back of the controller. This controller is wired with a cable that is 9.8 feet in length meaning you won’t have to worry about running out of batteries or charging your controller. Lastly, there are quick-trigger locks for easy shooting in your first person shooters along with dual rumble motors. The motors give a more intense and realistic vibration when fighting off hordes of zombies or watching as a bomb goes off in your adventures.

Could the Fusion be better than the included Xbox One controller with your system? Possibly be just as good as the Xbox One elite controller? Well, that’s only something you can answer depending on your budget and preferences. However, considering the Elite controller is around $150 and has no signs of becoming cheaper anytime soon while the Fusion is only $50 it may be a decent choice if you’re holding off.