What You Need To Know About Preserving Boluses Elden Ring

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This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

Scarlet Rot is a dreadful disease in Elden Ring. The rot ailment greatly lowers hp once your character becomes fully afflicted. Thankfully, there is a consumable item in the game made to help alleviate scarlet rot buildup and cures rot.

This is the Preserving Boluses consumable item. There are three ways to get them, you can buy them, craft them, or find them. They are well worth having as there are two rot lakes to get through as well as several enemies who will inflict you with rot.

In this article, we will look at everything you need to know about Preserving Boluses to help you reduce the number of times you die of scarlet rot.

What Is Scarlet Rot Buildup?

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The Scarlet Rot Ailment is one of the seven negative status effects that your character may be inflicted with while playing Elden Ring. The rot ailment will make your health drop in steady increments for a significant amount. Thankfully, in most places scarlet rot accumulates gradually.

It’s so effective at dropping your health that depending on your vigour it can be worth returning to a site of grace once you get afflicted with the scarlet rot ailment. Unless you have something that can cure rot. Which is where Preserving Boluses come in handy.

What Are Preserving Boluses In Elden Ring?

There are several different types of boluses in Elden Ring, either applying temporary buffs, bear restorative properties, or recovering hp. Preserving Boluses are a craftable item in Elden Ring that alleviates scarlet rot buildup and cures rot ailment. You can get them two ways, through crafting or finding one of the 12 scattered across the game.

Crafting Preserving Boluses In Elden Ring

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To craft preserving boluses you will need to find the Armorer’s Cookbook [6] to unlock the recipe. The armorer’s cookbook is found in the Siofra River on a corpse at the edge of the western cliffs. The easiest way to find it is to go from the Siofra River Bank site of Grace, using Torrent to follow the cliff to the west.

The ingredients you need to craft it are:

  • Two Dewkissed Herba – Common in theSiofra River
  • One Crystal Cave Moss – Found in most caves, Academy Crystal Caves
  • One Sacramental Bud – There are found throughout the Lands Between but are not farmable
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Note: To craft preserving boluses and any other craftable in Elden Ring you’ll need to buy a crafting kit from the nomadic merchant in the Church of Elleh.

Where to Buy/Find Preserving Boluses In Elden Ring

While crafting is the best way to get Preserving Boluses, there are some scattered around the lands between. There are is total twelve to find in Elden Ring:

  • Five can be found inside the Shack of the Rotting in north Caelid.
  • One Can be looted from a corpse located at the entrance of the room with crystal formations in Sellia Hideaway
  • One is inside the next room after you get down the lift in Leyndell Royal Capital.
  • One is on a body in the Siofra River Well. It’s in the second section after taking the lift, inside a building structure. 
  • Three can be bought from a Nomadic Merchant in Caelid Highway North. Or you can kill him and take his beel to the Twin Maiden Husks and buy them there.
  • One is on a corpse hanging off the edge of the western walkway leading to the Grand Cloister in the Lake of Rot.

Final Thoughts

Preserving boluses are a great craftable item to have in Elden Ring. They will alleviates scarlet rot buildup and cures rot. They are particularly useful as there are several enemies and areas where scarlet rot accumulates gradually so having some Preserving boluses in your item bar will be a must.