PREVIEW / Fabledom (PC)

Fabledom is a promising fairy tale city builder currently in Early Access. The relaxing, laid back city builder offers simple yet addicting gameplay and a colorful fairy tale world, but does leave you wanting more due to its early access status (which is to be expected). There are some loose storytelling elements (as evidenced by the opening video) that makes this title stand out and would love to see the developers lean into even more. In the several hours I spent playing, I enjoyed my time building the kingdom of Jarrin and I look forward to more updates from the Grenaa Games team.



Visually, Fabledom is a treat for the eyes. The fairy tale aesthetic is beautifully realized, with a vibrant and whimsical world that feels straight out of storybooks. Each building has delightful little details, and the overall storybook design is evident from the colorful landscapes and citizens to the menu/UI elements. I don’t foresee this being taxing on hardware, making this game all the more accessible to those who would like to play. My only visual complaint is that during the winter months, everything is covered in snow that drowns out the details of the buildings and your city. I hope some of this can be toned back come launch so players don’t have to unnecessarily click on multiple buildings to find the one they needed.



The gameplay in Fabledom is accessible and addictive, offering a unique blend of city building strategy and fairy tale storytelling. It combines resource management, territory expansion, and diplomacy/trade in a way that’s easy to pick up and enjoy. The straightforward mechanics make it a game that anyone can dive into, and the world is filled with charming characters and quests that add depth to the experience. As with all Early Access games, more gameplay mechanics and quests are being implemented in future updates.



However, Fabledom’s biggest drawback is its Early Access status and the unknowns on quality of life improvements. While the game shows great potential, the ability to move buildings and better UI functionality would be great improvements for the “laid back” vibes this game is going for. Spending time on these inconveniences takes away from the relaxing nature of the game. It’s clear that the game has room to grow, which can be both a source of excitement and frustration for players. So if you are one to want a more complete experience, it might be prudent to wait until the game is fully launched.



Fabledom is a game that holds great promise in the city builder genre with its enchanting fairy tale world and simple yet enjoyable gameplay. However, it’s important to remember that it’s in Early Access, so while it’s a charming experience in its current state, there’s potential for it to become even more magical as it continues to develop.