Primal Carnage’s Raptor and Trapper classes revealed


Independent game studio Lukewarm Media have unveiled the second character showcase for their upcoming title Primal Carnage.

The video demonstrates the play-style of both the human Trapper class, and the Raptor dinosaur class. Speed and agility seem to be the Raptor’s unique abilities, while the Trapper has the ability to …..well…… trap. He comes equipped with a netgun that can be fired to capture enemy dinosaurs, allowing him to then rip it apart with his epic hunting knife. He also has the ability to go guns blazing, dual wielding a pair of pistols.

Primal Carnage is a unique class-based competitive multiplayer game, that pits a team of four humans against a team four dinosaurs. Each team includes its own set of classes that the player can choose from, to suit his/her style of play. Lukewarm have announced exactly when the game will be out for PC, and have only confirmed a single mode (team deathmatch) so far. Their official website however, promises players multiple game modes, large-open environments, as well as some downloadable content.

Check out the the second character showcase right here