Updated / Prince of Persia TGS trailer makes me drool

[bliptv gctb0q4vjt1s]

It’s no secret that we’re head over heels for the new Prince of Persia here at TVGB and simply can’t wait for its December release. When it comes to the gameworld, so far we’ve mostly seen the darker side of things, ie the land still in the Corruption’s grasp, so our love for the title is based on what’s probably a small chunk of the game.

But this new TGS trailer changes that by showing more of the environments in their ‘light’ form. And to understate it, it looks good. Hopefully Ubisoft will be sending out some nice new quality screenshots of these areas during the coming days as TGS kicks off, in which case it’s quite possible I’m going to need a bucket.

Update: Added better quality video.