Project Genesis will introduce us to the Metaverse


A bit of interesting news has come my way along the grapevine. As gamers, we love the genres that draw us in but from personal experience, we’re always looking for a little bit more. In an industry that’s always changing and evolving, we can’t help but look for the next thing that will excite and enthrall us. Circuit 8 Studios may well be onto that very thing as they unveil Project Genesis.

Project Genesis is a deep space survival game powered by the Etherium blockchain. This game is an FPS/Space Shooter hybrid that will see players involved both in intense first-person combat but also space-warfare as they pilot massive spacefaring machines of destruction and infiltrate the ships of the enemy in a bit for galactic domination. In this title players will inhabit an A.I which will learn that it has been given a choice. It can either sacrifice itself to save the last vestiges of the human race or opt to choose to go out and forge its own destiny.

It is this A.I’s quest that sets players out among the stars to pilot space cruisers and destroy their enemies with a variety of powerful technologies. If, of course, you can’t just blow your foes to space-dust you can board their vessels. From here the game will switch to the first-person perspective as you infiltrate the opposing ship and eradicate its occupants from the inside. If you are able to take a number of control points and beat back the enemy force the ship will become yours. Capturing ships in this way and completing missions will yield payouts to the victor in the form of XP, weapons, ammo and in-game credits.

Project Genesis is going to be a perfect fit for gamers looking for an experience that combines intense first-person shooters with white-knuckle third-person space combat,” said Terry Hammer, producer of 8 Circuit Studios. “It’s going to be far more than a space-shooter, we are going to push the whole experience by integrating the Etherium blockchain – allowing players the ability to carry digital assets they earn and acquire, like ships and weapons, into other games.”

Making an already fun concept into something far bigger than itself, Project Genesis is part of Circuit 8 Studio’s Metaverse. The Metaverse invites players to explore a series of interconnected virtual worlds and experiences without boundaries. The great thing about the Metaverse is that it will allow Circuit 8 and partner development teams to merge their projects into one much larger evolving universe. Players will, therefore, be able to share assets across a number of games via blockchain technology. In addition to all this, come October 1st the first batch of 8BT tokens will go on sale. This is the virtual currency that will be used to power 8 Circuit Studio’s digital multiverse.

We don’t have a release date for Project Genesis just yet but you can certainly be expecting to see it arriving on your PC and console screens in the not too distant future. The game in and of itself actually sounds like the kind of thrill-ride I wouldn’t mind getting my own teeth into. The fact that I’m going to be able to take my ill-gotten gains out of the game and show off (or get laughed at) with them in other gaming universes just adds to the appeal. This is definitely one I think worth keeping an eye on.