Project Natal put to the test…by famous people!

Last week, Microsoft proudly announced their entry into the motion control race with Project Natal. A trailer for the curiously titled technology was shown, in addition to a live demo on stage. Hats off to Microsoft for showing the tech in action, but honestly, it’s hard for me to put faith in a product when my only knowledge of its existence is a super cheesy trailer and a scripted demonstration.

Microsoft has come to the rescue with video of a few notable celebrities testing out Project Natal behind closed doors. Whether or not the celebs were prepped off camera remains a mystery, but there’s some surprisingly insightful commentary to be heard here. The likes of Felicia Day, Paul Rodriguez and Sugar Ray Leonard all make appearances and have some pretty interesting things to say about their experience.

You could, alternatively, rely on the barrage of hands-on impressions by trustworthy game journalists, but who listens to those guys?

Check out more videos after the break.