PS Vita worldwide sales at 1.8 million; “a good start”

Sony’s latest earnings report is a bit of a depressing read; the company’s recorded a fiscal year 2012 annual loss of $5.74 billion, with the final quarter making up $3.2 billion of the sum.

Year-over-year PlayStation 3 sales are down as well, having fallen from 14.3 million units last year to 13.9 million. PSP is also on the decline, though understandably, with 6.8 million units sold compared to previous year’s 8 million. And then of course there’s our old friend the PS2, which pushed 4.1 million systems.

PSP’s software sales are also down, from 46.6 million to 32.2 million.

The one bit of cheerful news though come from the PS3’s software; sales jumped from 147.9 million in FY 2011 to 156.6 million in FY 2012.

And finally, the latest PlayStation Vita sales figure has also been revealed. The tricked out handheld sold 1.8 million units worldwide by the end of March 2012; “a good start,” according to CEO Kaz Hirai.

Quicker sales for the handheld are predicted though. According to the company’s FY2013 forecast, it’ll sell 16 million Vitas and PSPs combined.