PS3’s Dragon Age expansion not available at Euro retail

The PlayStation 3 version of Awakening, the upcoming expansion for Dragon Age: Origins, will only be available through digital means in European territories — a decision forced by Sony Europe whose “requirements” make both a PlayStation Network and retail release impossible.

“In Europe and other PAL video/game region countries, the PS3 version is only available as a download,” reads the FAQ section of the expansion’s website.

BioWare’s community facilitator Victor Wachter explains, somewhat, “For the European (as well as all PAL versions) release of Awakening on PS3, we will be releasing it only as download content, due to requirements from Sony. So you will be able to purchase, download and play, but it will not be available at retail.” (Thanks, Jill)

The expansion launches on March 16, worldwide, for $39.99.