PSN succumbs to a bunch of Angry Birds

Unbelievable. Well, not really. Rovio’s casual smash hit Angry Birds has dominated virtually every platform its been on so it comes as no surprise when it was revealed that the squeaky, flappy, physically challenged, crate-hitting birds just recently became the most bought pack of interactively warm-blooded, egg-laying vertebrates on the PlayStation Network.

Too subtle? Angry Birds has just been crowned the best-selling game on Sony’s online service. Ever. And keep in mind that this is a downloadable title that’s been out for three months at $4 (USD), which is $3 more than its mobile counterpart.

“PSN appears to be gaining traction tapping into the casual and social gaming market with titles such as Angry Birds which is the most downloaded game through the PSN,” said Lazard Capital Markets’ Colin Sebastian. “We think this could be a significant move for PSN because it can allow casual game publishers, in addition to traditional game publishers, to leverage the PS3 as a gaming platform,” he added.

Excuse us if we’re not shocked, because we aren’t.