Psychological horror Martha is Dead coming to Xbox Series X and PC in 2021

Visceral and entirely disturbing, the announcement trailer for Martha is Dead is everything a horror junkie needs in their life right now. Marketed as a psychological thriller, this haunting, multi-layered narrative is sure to get horror fanatics excited for the coming year.

Martha is dead funeral

Releasing on the Xbox Series X as well as PC, Martha is Dead will combine real-world locations with historical events, folklore, superstition, and no small amount of psychological distress. Just watching the trailer is enough to get viewers looking over their shoulders throughout the day. Not much is revealed in the trailer, but enough is shown to prove this project will raise the stakes of what it means to be a horror videogame. If all goes well, it looks like horror games are going to be more realistic than gamers could have imagined–not to mention the cheap jump-scare phase of gaming will be left in the dust.

Gamers are looking forward to the next-gen consoles and so far it doesn’t seem disappointment will ensue. Made in Unreal Engine 4, Martha is Dead delivers outstanding visuals that border reality and push the boundaries of videogame graphics.

Martha is dead scenery

The story takes place during Italy’s harsh time of war where the country is torn between two major powers fighting, as you can imagine, to bring about a better future. Martha’s murder mirrors the events occurring around her, shocking players to the core. Misery is the name of the game here and only those truly prepared to enter this dark world will be able to make it through the entire story.

As with their previous game, The Town of Light, developers LKA focus on truth, how to find it, and what it means not only to the characters but to the players. Martha is Dead will push players to consider issues that are most often held in the dark but must be brought to light in order to understand human nature.

Martha is dead man

Daring gamers can add Martha is Dead to their Steam wishlist here. The game is set to launch in 2021 on the Xbox Series X and PC– a bit of a wait but it will be worth it.