Rabbids are moonbound this holiday season

Ubisoft is giving us a brief look into the upcoming Rabbids Go Home game for the Wii by sending over a trailer and two handfuls of screenshots. The trailer doesn’t show any actual gameplay as it only lets us know that the Rabbids are looking to go back to their home on the moon. Fortunately Ubisoft also provided some gameplay details and what we can expect when the game comes out during the holiday season.

The goal of Rabbids Go Home is to collect as much human stuff as possible to build a huge tower that can get them to the moon. The fickle humans then send in the Verminators to deal with the Rabbids and get our stuff back. We get to control a couple of Rabbids with a shopping cart across over 40 missions through more than 15 different environments.

Ubisoft will be showing more of Rabbids Go Home during their E3 press conference and we’ll be there to deliver the tasty details as they happen.