Rabbids say goodbye to Rayman, head for the moon

[bliptv gctbgYW0ZY7dbA]

It’s about time! After two minigame fests in Rayman’s shadow, Ubisoft’s insane bunny-like creatures are getting their own proper adventure on the Wii. In Rabbids Go Home, players guide Rabbids in shopping carts through various human infested areas. The goal? Steal enough junk to make a pile tall enough to reach the moon, which is apparently where the lilliputian protagonists hail from.

I love that the Rabbids are getting their own game and that the plot is ridiculous enough to accomodate them. Also, this one might be successful outside of the party game/minigame field. On a side note, did anyone notice that Rabbids Go Home takes place on a utopian Earth where everyone is razor thin? Weird.