Rage is not so modder friendly, id is still not talking about Doom 4

Game mods are something that PC gamers are very accustomed to and some of the most popular games started as mods. For example Team Fortress started as a mod based on id Software’s Quake and obviously has since grown into one of the most popular FPS games out there. It’s no wonder then that people are very interested in modding when it comes to id’s games. And Rage is no exception.

When the topic of modding came up with id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead during a recent interview, he mentioned that they hadn’t fully discussed it but that it should be possible, but that there will be a fairly steep learning curve if it does happen due to the advanced techniques found in id Tech 5, the engine Rage is built on, “You know, we really haven’t talked about that very much. I mean, I would imagine that, as we have done with all of our games, and you know, honestly it’s something we may to sit down and have a discussion with [now id owned] ZeniMax about.” Hollenshead continued, “We do have some stuff that makes our guys fast, but there’s a fairly steep learning curve that the mod guys are gonna have to get over.” Long story short, modders are going to have to work a bit harder to get their desired results.

The topic of the next Doom came up as well but unfortunately id still isn’t ready to tell us much about the project. They would just rather show us than tell us, “I always feel that when you’re talking about something that’s new, it’s always better to show people, because then you have a point of reference. You can say, “and it’s going to look like this” as opposed to trying to describe “it’s going to have this, it’s going to have that, it’s going to be awesome” and then you create, in the minds of a hundred different people, a hundred different pictures above their head. Whereas if you show it to them, everyone has the same picture.” Hard to argue with that.

What he did say about Doom 4 is that “Doom 4” is actually just a working title at this point, “Seriously, some days we call it Doom 4. Sometimes we call it Doom. Sometimes we call it the new Doom. We haven’t settled on a final title yet.”