Raiden, Vamp playable characters in Metal Gear Online’s SCENE expansion

Sorry for hating you in MGS2, but you really shoulda’ whipped out that foot-wielded katana trick sooner.

Konami has announced the third expansion pack for Metal Gear Online, the squad-based multiplayer game set in Metal Gear Solid war ravaged universe. Dubbed SCENE, the new downloadable pack brings new maps, new gear and new characters to the tactical shooter. To be specific, both Raiden and Vamp will be joining the playable roster as special characters “with extraordinary abilities and overwhelming offensive power.”

The dynamic duo will be able to explore three new locations, the industrial wasteland of Outer Outlet, the expansive mansion of Hazard House and the drowned clock tower of Ravaged Riverfront. Outer Outlet and Ravaged Riverfront are perfect for medium to long range combat, while Hazard House is better suited to close quarters kills.

SCENE will be available in March, but players who pre-order the expansion via Metal Gear Online‘s in-game store or Konami’s site will receive a free gift: the sure to be coveted “Cardboard Man” headgear.