Man who fired Jeff Gerstmann fired

Late last year, Jeff Gerstmann, one of the most loved members of the GameSpot family was fired after his low review score for Kane and Lynch: Dead Men. Although the real reason is only known to those who were closest to the situation, that review score is thought by many to be the reason why Jeff was fired. Since, a good portion of the editorial staff at Gamespot has left; Alex Navarro, Frank Provo, Ryan Davis, Brad Shoemaker and Jason Ocampo.

The man who was responsible for the firing of Jeff Gerstmann is now himself being fired. Josh Larson, VP of Games at CNET and Editor in Chief during the time of the firing, will be working his last week at CNET next week. CNET, who previously announced that it would be cutting about 120 employees, will be getting rid of the position that Larson currently holds.

Larson, who replaced former Editor in Chief Greg Kasavin, was implicated by anonymous GameSpot employees to have been trying to have the editorial and sales team work close together, something that is avoided for obvious reasons. It was also said by those same anonymous employees that Larson was too business minded to be an editor and therefore he seemed to often clash with those on the editor team.

Although we will never know if Larson was the sole decision maker behind Jeff’s firing, Larson is getting what many will say he deserves. Lets hope that this will finally bring this videogame soap opera to an end.