My thoughts on the MLB 2K8 1.1 patch

You may remember that over the previous weekend I wrote up a rant about the lack of a promised patch from 2K Sports, at the end of which I said, “All that’s left to do now is end this rant, keep my fingers crossed, and wait and see what next week brings.” That wait was short lived (thankfully) as Monday morning 2K Sports released the much anticipated patch.

Now, due to the busyness of my life I was unable to start really testing out this patch until yesterday. Since then I have put around 6 hrs or so of time into testing and looking for the bugs that I had found over the previous couple of weeks and I am happy to say that the patch has fixed most of the issues I was having with the game. The framerate is 95% better then it was before, making the gameplay feel much MUCH smoother. There are still a few hiccups during cutscenes, but I think that this is due to it loading up the video from the gameplay. The patch seemed to also fix the San Diego Padres call up/send down bug and the freezing issues I was having pre-patch seemed to have vanished.

But, this doesn’t mean that this game still doesn’t have issues that it shouldn’t have. There is still the very annoying rain delay bug, the pitching rotation reset bug and many other bugs that people are reporting at the MLB 2K8 forums. Online play, although a bit better, seems to still have issues that pretty much make the game unplayable for about 90% of gamers.

I no longer regret spending $60 on MLB 2K8, but I do hope that there is someone at 2K Sports currently working on making a second patch for the game. MLB 2K8, in my opinion, is a great baseball game that was neglected for whatever reason during development. But, at least Xbox 360 gamers can now enjoy the game a bit more. And yes, the patch was only for the Xbox 360 version of the game, PS3 owners are SOL at the moment and Wii owners, well lets just not say anything.