PSP to be Sony handheld of choice for the next 7 years


Whether it be on the original model, or the newer slim PSPs, millions of people have been enjoying Sony’s handheld for over three years now. Recently IGN interviewed Senior Marketing Manager for the PSP, John Koller about the PSP’s three year anniversary. When asked what he thought the life cycle of the PSP would be Koller said:

“We’ve talked about the PSP being a 10 year product, but a 10 year product in the continued… how can I put this… in the continued lifecycle, so we obviously had the 1000, we have the 2000, so the PSP as it was first launched in March 2005 isn’t going to the be the PSP that it ends up as in 10 years, but it will still be a very strong portable gaming device that is centered in gaming and has a lot of multi-functional features.”

To simplify what he said, basically the PSP will be around for at least the next seven years. But, it will see different versions released with tweaks, much like the transition from the original model to the PSP Slim. Honestly this shouldn’t be a big surprise, Sony has done the same thing with the PS1 and is currently approaching nine years with the PS2. And no doubt we’ll be seeing a PS3 Slim somewhere down the line as well.

It also seems that Sony is planning more additional features for the PSP, other then what we have already seen. How many of those will make it out of Japan and out to other areas remains to be seen. Personally, I just want Sony to hurry up and get the GPS stuff to the states pronto. If I’m lucky, maybe it will be here by the PSP’s tenth birthday.