Rare: First-parties to define Natal

Rare is confident that it and other Microsoft first-party studios are in the process of creating games that will define Project Natal‘s controller-free experience.

“I suppose at Microsoft it’s about, overall, having the right content from first-party studios to define what Natal is,” studio head Mark Betteridge told Develop. “We’re very confident we do have that, we will have that, and I think people are going to be impressed with what they see from ourselves and [other] first-parties.”

He continued: “It’s a great attribute of Microsoft that, not only do they have the creative decision to bring something like Natal into the marketplace when other companies aren’t doing so well at the moment, but they also have the financial backing to run with that.”

Microsoft is expected to show its full hand and introduce Natal’s launch line-up in just over two months. Instead of the usual single pre-E3 press conference, the company has announced that it’s holding two media gatherings this year, one of which, held on June 13, devoted entirely to the motion controller.