Rare has only used “10-15%” of Kinect’s power

Remember that tale about how we only use 8% of our brains? Imagine if you could use the full power of your brain, they’d say (and apply that concept to a movie starring Bradley Cooper). Well, imagine that your brain is a Kinect. Rare, who recently won a BAFTA award for Kinect Sports, recently sat down for a talk in London where software director Rick Burton said that they have only taken advantage of “10 to 15 percent” of Kinect’s potential so far.

Imagine what Rare could do with 30, heck maybe even 40 percent. Burton believes the possibilities with the tech are “virtually limitless” and that the company would take more advantage of the device’s features such as 3D infrared depth reading and voice recognition on future projects. “Imagine sitting in your living room and saying: ‘Kinect, entertain me.’ That’s where we’re going,” he finished.

Next project on the list for Rare: Kinect Court Jester.