Ratchet returning before Resistance?

We’ve come to expect a nice little cycle from Insomniac Games over these past few years; bring out a Resistance game, tease a Ratchet game, bring out a Ratchet game, tease a Resistance game, and so on and so forth. 2010 has bucked the trend however with the developer remaining strangely silent this late in the year.

Continuing the weirdness is the fact that the latest rumors point towards a new Ratchet game coming before Resistance 3. The last Ratchet game is less than a year old while we haven’t had a new Resistance on PS3 since 2008, and with recent whispers we were setting up for a Resistance reveal at Gamescom.

Speaking in a recent interview, David Kayne, Insomniac-friendly voice actor who plays both Nathan Hale and Clank, says: “There are some interesting developments always coming from Insomniac Games.  We’re working on more R & C currently.”

Of course, the existence of the PSP and the PSN-only Quest for Booty means that this isn’t necessarily the next retail-PS3 Ratchet.

But dear god man, what of Resistance 3!? “Don’t know about Nate.” Oh…