Raven Squad to meld RTS and FPS for a CUGE

Wondering what CUGE means? Why, it’s the rarely used acronym for completely unique gaming experience, which is what publisher SouthPeak is telling us Atomic Motion’s Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger is going to be. In case you missed the screens we put up a few days ago (or just click the new Image Galleries button above, it won’t bite), the game, which is coming out for the 360 and PC this Fall, is going to be a mix between first-person shooter and real-time strategy in which the player will take on the role of a squad of soldiers dropped behind enemy lines in the Amazon.

Players will have eight soldiers to choose between while playing. Each will feature different weapons and abilities much like soldiers in regular RTS games. The difference here is that you’ll be able to freely switch between RTS and FPS gameplay, meaning you’ll be controlling a squad but also taking a much more personal role in their exact actions. Sounds like a compelling idea and with Melanie Mroz, CEO of SouthPeak Games, saying that both areas of the game are going to be of high enough quality to stand on their own, it could indeed lead to a true CUGE.