Rebellion CEO talks about studio’s “difficult years”

CEO of Rebellion, Jason Kingsley, has stated that the studio’s recent titles have “not been as good as I’d have liked”, adding that the studio had been through some “difficult years”.

Speaking to GamesZines earlier this month he said: “Nobody sets out to make a bad game, but you set out to make the best game you can in constrained circumstances.”

Rebellion has seen tough reviews from critics, as their recent releases such as NeverDead, Alien vs Predator, Rogue Warrior and Shellshock 2 were all merited poorly.

“You have people who go, ‘there’s no excuse, you should never make a crap game’. They have a valid argument, I guess. You never aim to make a bad game, but sometimes you don’t have the time to make things in the way you’d like.

“Other times the game comes out earlier than you were expecting and there’s not a lot you can do about it if you’re a ‘work for hire’ developer. That’s how the job goes.”

However, Kingsley hopes to put Rebellion back in the limelight with their next release, Sniper Elite V2.

“We’ve worked very hard on Sniper Elite [V2] to get the greatness back. We’ll see what people think. I think we’ve made a very, very good game indeed. I hope it reviews very highly. We’ll see what people think, but fingers crossed we’re back to greatness.

“Hopefully we can put the past behind us and talk about our difficult years when we’re doing a retrospective, and move on and talk about the future.”

Sniper Elite V2 launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation3 and PC on May 4th.