Red Faction: Battlegrounds is official

Not only did THQ tease by registering, they also confirmed it at GDC Europe 2010 by the words of THQ Digital’s creative director Don Whiteford. And if that wasn’t enough, today saw the unleashing of the press release from THQ HQ; Red Faction: Battlegrounds is official.

Expect the XBLA/PSN downloadable title to contain everything the Red Faction franchise has become known for: ground-razing gameplay, mechs, tanks and havoc-wreaking battles above as well as under the grounds or the red planet. Added is the multiplayer challenge, which will set 4 players against each other in a variety of different game modes, including Survival, Annihilate and Flag Frenzy. Players will rank up and earn goodies for the upcoming Red Faction: Armageddon, set to be released next year.

Battlegrounds will be available on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network sometime 2011. But for the reason just mentioned, it should probably be out before its retail of a big brother.