RedOctane interested in Natal integration

Kai Huang, President and Co-Founder of RedOctane, sat down with Digital Spy and only had the nicest things to say about Project Natal. “We’ve definitely been evaluating Microsoft’s Natal technology along with a lot of other different technologies that could enhance the Guitar Hero playing experience,” Huang said, adding, “Natal is very interesting because there’s so many different things you can do with it, whether it’s the motion detecting, maybe sensing how you’re playing, or the ability to use it for interactivity purposes and taking advantage of it for party purposes.”

RedOctane’s newest game, Guitar Hero 5, has a fantastic casual mode called Party Play. As our review outlined, being able to pop in and out of songs, instruments and difficulties has never been easier. Now imagine Natal interaction logging a player in automatically by just recognizing their face or automatically turning on lefty flip. Big Brother is coming, and he’s gonna help you beat “Through the Fire and Flames”.