Release dates for Battlefield 3 expansion, Armored Kill, announced


EA has recently announced that the latest Battlefield 3 expansion will be released in September, playeraffinity reports. When in September? Well, that depends on a variety of things.


Battlefield 3 Premier Members/Everybody else:

PS3: September 4 / September 18

PC/Xbox 360: September 11 / September 25


As you can see, premier members get the expansion first, and Sony’s deal with EA allows PS3 players access to the expansion earlier than PC and Xbox 360 users.

Jealous? Don’t be. This trickle down strategy might give some players the bonus of playing the expansion a little bit earlier than others, but, when it’s all said and done, the game won’t be as fun without its full user base. The Battlefield franchise isn’t really known for small close-quarter fighting (see the last expansion DLC released for Battlefield 3 if you need proof of that).

“Armored Kill” will introduce 4 new maps and a new mode called “Tank Superiority.”