Remedy Shoots Down September Release for Alan Wake


As you’ve likely heard around the internet watercooler, Alan Wake is rumored to be released this coming September. Sorry to burst y’all’s bubble, but Alan Wake’s September emergence is just a shadow, a tantalizing rumor that we all wished to be true. Straight from Remedy Entertainment’s forum, upcoming mystery-thriller Alan Wake is still officially gestating. Remedy’s coy “when it’s ready” release is still hard to swallow, though given their flawless record—see Max Payne series (PC/Xbox)—a little extra polish time will make Alan Wake the thrilling cinematic experience it needs to be.

Finnish-developer Remedy is delving deep into the psychological realm of horror. Alan Wake is an author haunted by his own visions and premonitions, driven by his insomnia. Info has been scarce since the title’s showing at Microsoft’s X06 event (2006), though light and darkness will play a role in surviving the waking nightmare. Wake is drawn to a mysterious Washington town, ironically called Bright Falls, and has only his wits to rely on. Expect high tension and thick atmosphere in this slick title.

Alan Wake was announced at E3 2005 and is currently in development for PC and Xbox 360. Little gameplay footage has been shown, so it’s anyone’s guess what the meat of the game will encompass. Remedy has been quiet for a while, but maybe after this release date debacle, they’ll let us know when we can finally get our hands on this exciting title.