REPLIKATOR takes aim at Epic Games

I do love a good twin-stick. There’s something about the frantic chaos that comes with way too many bullets being sprayed at you all at once that just brings a massive thrill. Those of you that like the bullet hell genre, twin-stick madness, roguelikes, and Epic Games will definitely want to read the little bit of news I’ve got for you. REPLIKATOR has appeared on the Epic Games Store and it just happens to feature elements of all the wonderful stuff that I’ve just mentioned.

REPLIKATOR is a twin-stick shooter with roguelike elements set in an abandoned space science complex. Abandoned is, of course, a very loose term considering it is still very much the home of lots of things that want to murder you. You will be taking on the role of one of the mercenaries trying their level-headed best not to get murdered. In this particular case, the ones doing the murdering are hordes of psychotic robots and ectoplasmic monsters that will be trying very hard indeed to end you before you can end them. All of this will be going on while your boss calmly watches the proceedings with a beer from a safe compartment nearby. Well somebody needs to be having a nice day, right?

In true Bullet Hell fashion, REPLIKATOR is going to be a frantic affair. You’ll need to be on your toes and have your mind and your feet moving fast if you’re going to survive. You can expect to have your skill tested to its limit by a wide variety of dangers. If having a plethora of different bloodthirsty foes waiting at every turn isn’t enough to get the blood pumping you’ll also have to keep an eye out for traps. Monotony won’t be kicking in on this one, there definitely won’t be any time, (or reason,) to be bored.

If all of the monsters aren’t enough to keep you busy the roguelike elements in REPLIKATOR certainly will. The space complex you’ll have to traverse is procedurally generated so you’ll need to have razor-sharp wits. Pattern recognition only works when things are in the same place each time and you won’t be getting that luxury. On the plus side, you’ll have the roguelike perk of meta progression. You can expect to die a lot but don’t allow this to make you disheartened. In between your runs you’ll be able to purchase permanent upgrades for your character. Speaking of which, there will also be a decent armory of upgradable items to play about with. Exploration is always more fun when there’s treasure to be had.

Aside from all the fun alien killing REPLIKATOR will be offering you an intriguing story and multiple characters with which to experience it. In total there are three playable characters, each with their own starting characteristics, preferred weapons, and special techniques. I mean, one of them is a space raccoon so what’s not to like.

If you fancy giving REPLIKATOR a blast it’s purchasable over on Epic Games at the very reasonable price of £9.99. If you happen to have an itchy trigger finger this could be a really good way to scratch it.