Resident Evil 5 first viral campaign trailer

[gametrailers 43481]

The Capcom marketing machine is picking up steam, bringing us “The Ceremony,” the first in a series of slickly-produced, admirably-acted live-action clips that teach us why we should always undergo the recommended departmental psych evaluation before accepting invitations to any award ceremonies – methinks our boy Chris Redfield is suffering some serious post traumatic stress from his bioterrorism tour of Africa.

We hope the rest of the live-action trailers shed some light on Resident Evil 5’s new viral site, which was spread word-of-mouth style through creepy emails featuring only the web address and the oft-repeated message “It came from Kijuju.” In addition to some hella creepy music, the flash-based page lets you peruse via candlelight the after school tutoring session blackboard of Satan himself. I could make out the phrases “Progenitor Virus,” “Where is Ozwee,” “Flashbacks can’t stop them,” “Shiva knew,” “Racoon City wasn’t the end” and “Seashell is evil.” Pfttt. Tell us something we don’t know, Capcom. I’ve been warning people about that f*ckin’ evil seashell for months now! Anyway, if any of you want to mine this intentionally indecipherable website for more precious nuggets of Umbrella-related revelations, please let us know what you find.