Resident Evil 5, now with more waggle

Here’s some footage from yesterday’s TGS 2009 keynote showing exactly what Resident Evil 5: Director’s Cut looks like with Sony’s dildo wand.

Skip past all the boring presentation stuff to just before the 3 minute mark and you’ll be able to watch a good 3 minutes of the game being demonstrated by some Japanese bloke. It looks solid, essentially a shiny high-def update of Wii Resi 4, and that is all good.

However, the use of a Sixaxis along with the new waggler seems a little awkward. No doubt Sony will knock out a standalone equivalent of the Wii’s Nunchuk eventually, and it’s nice that you wont have to buy it but… using a Sixaxis does look cumbersome.

Maybe Sony’s Nunchuk will look like a buttplug. That way no one gets left out.