Respawn picks up God of War III devs

We’re yet to see what Respawn Entertainment is up to, the studio formed by Vince Zampella and Jason West after their “departure” from Infinity Ward, but with the addition of former Sony Santa Monica developers Justin Hendry and Robert Taube, you’d think we have a colossal hit coming.

Hendry, whose records positioned him as senior designer at Sony Santa Monica, will now be holding that same title at Respawn. Environmental artist Taube’s new duties at his new employer are, however, currently unknown. But given the amazing work he did on God of War III, we’d wager he won’t be doing anything else.

Two of the guys who put games on mainstream media through their hugely successful first-person shooter franchise combined with two other guys whose work is strong enough to bring down gods… the end result makes even your wildest dreams short circuit.