Revolutionary real-time lighting solution, anyone?

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Geomerics has released the first public demo of their Enlighten technology, or what they call “revolutionary real-time lighting solution for next-generation consoles and PC.” The video above shows the latest version of Enlighten, last seen at last years Game Developers Conference.

Geomerics describes the video as this: “Featuring an insight into how the dynamic radiosity engine can be easily manipulated in real-time, the teaser video also demonstrates how the unique technology will be a generational step in video game lighting techniques.”

Gary Lewis, CEO, Geomerics: “This video succinctly showcases exactly what we’re trying to do with real-time radiosity. As we prepare for the most important conference for the global video game development community, we wanted to give people a taste of what Enlighten is going to be able to do and, crucially, how easy it will be to get the Enlighten SDK to do it.”

It’s not that clear in this embedded video but the original video Geomerics sent out showed a distinct lack of Anti-Alias. Yup, it’s a jagfest. Fingers crossed they just forgot to flick on some AA and it’s not a limitation of the technology. Because that would be disappointing, as it does look pretty impressive.